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Sometimes referred to as foo-foo, this beloved African dish is a staple food found in many countries in Central and West Africa and some Caribbean countries like the Dominican Republic. Fufu is made by stirring, pounding, or kneading starchy vegetables like cassava or wheat till it forms a dough-like consistency. In Africa, it is primarily eaten with an African soup like Okra Soup or  Ogbono Soup for a satisfying, balanced meal.

What Is Fufu Made Of?

Fufu varieties are found all over Africa and are made using readily available starchy vegetables native to that region. It is commonly made from Cassava, Yams, Maize, Plantain, Wheat, Corn, Semolina, Rice, or Oatmeal.

Different Types of Fufu

Fufu goes by different names in different countries. Here are some versions of fufu from various countries and the food items used:


  • Cassava Fufu (Akpu) – Fermented Cassava
  • Eba – Dried Cassava (Garri)
  • Pounded Yam (Yam Fufu) – Boiled Yams
  • Plaintain Fufu – Green Plantains
  • Amala – Yam Powder (Elubo)
  • Semolina – Durum Wheat
  • Oatmeal Swallow – Blended Oats
  • Tuwon Shinkafa – Cooked, Mashed Rice
  • Tuwon Masara – Corn Flour


  • Kokonte – Cassava Flour
  • Fufuo – Cassava and Plantain
  • Banku (Akple) – Corn Dough and Cassava Dough

Kenya & Tanzania

  • o Ugali – Cornmeal or Millet Flour

Ivory Coast

  • Foutou – Cassava or Corn


  • Fufu – Corn Flour


  • Nshima – Finely Ground Cornmeal


  • Nsima – Cornmeal


  • Sadza – White Maize Meal or Cornmeal


1. Posho – Corn flour

South Africa

  • Vhuswa/Pap – Corn or Maize Meal


  • Fufu – Cassava, Green Plantains, Or Yams.

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